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Ways To Improve Your School’s Safety

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and Security”- Jodi Rell. Every parent and teachers want their kids to be safe in school. Kids protection from wrong influence, bullying, harassment, and kidnapping is very important. Bullying is a serious and complicated problem in the education system today. Identifying bullies are easy. But catching them in the act of proof is usually much more challenging. It is very difficult to track who

Google -The Secret to Old School Development

“Technology alone will not improve education, but it can be a powerful part of the solution.” – Sundar Pichai Technology is molding the entire structure of educational institutions. The transformation in technology also transforms teaching and learning. G suite applications for education take institutes to another level. The G suite for education is the boon for the educational institutions. Different applications are offered by Google to educational institutions. Google applications for education provide high productivity with

How to make Parents-Teachers Communication Effective

Building a parent’s trust is often a slow and continuous process. It is very important for the parents to ensure that teachers have the best interest of their child at heart. Parents who have good communication with teachers have a positive view of teachers which results in improved teacher’s spirit. Here are some the tips to make Parents-Teachers Communication Effective. Consistency and Frequency Parents desire frequent updates on their kids’ performance in academics and other activities. Consistent and

Technology in schools for the learning and teaching process

Technology is the shaping tool for the entire world. Today there is no such industry where technology is not being used. Almost every other field today uses technology in some of the other ways. Technology is giving the new horizon to expand and progress.   Many innovative technologies developed for school premises for the teaching and learning process. Use of technology within the academic institution has its own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of the  use

The Untold Secret To Make Classrooms Interactive

Gone are those, where kids were able to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time. Fewer attention spans make increases the difficulty for teachers to teach the concepts. Kids cannot pay attention for a longer time, they need a break when reached the saturation level. The best break can be in the form of a game. Try different game games in your class and make it interactive. Some of the games are mentioned below: Pictionary Most of the kids and the

Advantages of E-Books in Academic Institutes

An ebook is a modern form of a book molded by technology. The book in an electronic format is an ebook. An ebook is available on smartphones, desktop, laptop or tablet. An ebook enables you to read any book on your electronic screen anywhere at any point in time. Buying and downloading an ebook is a very simple process. It is as simple as buying another product online. Once you make the payment for your ebook, you will have to

Fast track Your School Admissions

The internet has carved the world in its own way, resulting in a huge need of transformation. The internet gives the right opportunities and exposure to all organizations. The main aim of the admission department is to ensure that school caters to most of the students in that area. The only motive of this department is to get the desired number of enrollments in the school. Few tricks

Boost your classroom with ALEXA

Alexa is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon. Alexa is as a Voice Assistant technology developed for humans. Products like Alexa if used productively will help to develop many things at a time. Amazon Alexa can be used for many things in day to day life chores. Amongst the different uses of Alexa, one of them is in the academic institutions. Yes, you heard it right Alexa can be useful in schools for many different purposes. Some

Difference: Traditional school vs Modern school

Each one of our parents told school is a crucial aspect of life and a key step towards remarkable success. We all have seen a massive shift in schooling techniques. Who defines Traditional and modern? It depends on your understanding of ‘modern’ and ‘traditional’. A decade ago classroom was very teacher-centered. In comparison to Traditional school, Modern Schools are productive and efficient. The Difference between the two can is explained below. Time-consuming

The Next Massive Things in Educational Sector

Today the globe is moving at its fastest pace and developing at every hour of the clock. Within the current state of affairs, each field is experiencing innovation and transformation. Academic sectors will observe the major revolution in the approaching years. More revolutionary changes are expected in the academic sectors. , there’s no clear vision of how the education system is going to be and what it’ll incorporate. While witnessing the developing technology,  some ambiguous assumptions

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