The Untold Secret To Make Classrooms Interactive

//The Untold Secret To Make Classrooms Interactive
Gone are those, where kids were able to concentrate on one thing for a longer period of time. Fewer attention spans make increases the difficulty for teachers to teach the concepts.
Kids cannot pay attention for a longer time, they need a break when reached the saturation level.
The best break can be in the form of a game. Try different game games in your class and make it interactive. Some of the games are mentioned below:


Most of the kids and the teachers may know this game. But integrating with the classroom is way beyond their imaginations. Teachers can play this game during different lectures.
In this, you have to divide the class into a group of two or many depending on the strength of the class. In every round, one individual from every group has to come forward and draw on board what is being told to them. Individuals cannot speak the word.
They have to draw the word and the group members have to guess the correct word. The one who guesses the word right gets a point. The word can be given by teachers or students to choose on their own.

Memory Game

This game is particularly designed to stress your brain and member things. In this game, all the kids have to sit down in one big circle. Teachers can add more spice to the game by giving categories and themes. Given a theme for kids, the first individual has to say the word related to the theme. The next one has to repeat the same word and add a new word related to the theme. This chain of words goes on, one who breaks or forgets the link of the word will be out of the game.
Don’t worry, they are still learning! This game will help to increase the vocabulary of kids and also increase their memory.

The Action Game

This game is almost the same as that of the memory game. You can make kids stand in a row or make them sit in a circle. The first kid has to say his name and perform some action. The next kid has to repeat the previous action and add a new action to it. The circle of names and action goes on until you get a winner.


Kids are very enthusiastic to perform actions and are always ready for the chit-chat. Taking advantage of this, teachers can turn it into a routine or a game. Teachers can give an unexpected break in the middle of the lecture. This will be a timed break.
A timer will be set on for 5 minutes or so in which the teacher will allow the kids to do whatever they wish to like. Kids can talk, do different actions, roam in the classroom. Students can also eat their lunch box. This helps to release kids from their saturation level and will freshen their minds.

Fitness Games

This will need pre-preparation. Don’t worry, you do not have to anything much.
Make different cue cards with some word or action that is related to Fitness. Put all the cue card in the bowl and ask the students to pick one of themselves from the bowl. Every kid has to perform the action that is written in the cue cards. Teachers can use this during Physical Training Lectures.

Thinking Game

Here all the students have to write a description of anything that is in their mind. Remember, you cannot disclose the thing on which you are writing the description. After everybody completes writing their description teacher will swap the description. Now one by one the descriptions have to read aloud and the individual has to figure out what is that thing. The individual student has to figure out what the other person was thinking of.

The mystery of words

This game is to improve grammar and sentence formation. The teacher will have to write the words of a sentence on the board in a jumbled way. Kids will have to re-frame the sentence in the correct order.

You vs Them

The name itself tells you that the game will play in two different teams. Every team will have one buzzer with them. The teacher will ask different questions. The team knowing the answer has to press the buzzer. The one who presses the buzzer gets a chance to say the answer. For every right answer, there is a point. The team with more points wins the game.
Play these games and make your teaching different from that of others!
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