How to make Parents-Teachers Communication Effective

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Building a parent’s trust is often a slow and continuous process. It is very important for the parents to ensure that teachers have the best interest of their child at heart. Parents who have good communication with teachers have a positive view of teachers which results in improved teacher’s spirit. Here are some the tips to make Parents-Teachers Communication Effective.

Consistency and Frequency

Parents desire frequent updates on their kids’ performance in academics and other activities. Consistent and frequent communication with parents helps to build good compatibility.

Make parents trust you

The main agenda of all the parents is to know that their kids are doing well in the school premises. Teachers find difficult to convince parents, that all their actions are in the best interest for kids. Teachers have to deal with such parents peacefully to achieve their trust.

Do not feel Pressured

Sometimes teacher’s questions, concerns or statements may come down to misconceptions. In such a situation, don’t be afraid to clear up any issues, but do it in a manner which is professional. Many times you may discover that parent’s frustration is not with you.  But instead the frustration is with their child and that they need to vent.


If you sense or discover any problem with the students in the class, be wise enough and inform parents. Waiting too long may not result in bad consequences. Having Parents involved in such discussion may help you to solve problems. This will also help to come up with better solutions.


Teachers should take initiative to contact and communicate with parents. Communication may be in the form of parent Teachers meeting and can be done by other means too.  Apart from the parents-teachers meeting, teachers can communicate via phone calls and email. Such an initiative helps to improve interpersonal relationships with all the parents.  
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