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“Technology alone will not improve education, but it can be a powerful part of the solution.” – Sundar Pichai
Technology is molding the entire structure of educational institutions. The transformation in technology also transforms teaching and learning. G suite applications for education take institutes to another level.
The G suite for education is the boon for the educational institutions. Different applications are offered by Google to educational institutions. Google applications for education provide high productivity with efficient and school functioning.


Gmail is the basic application provided by Google for every individual. Google provides free Gmail services for educational institutions. The Gmail services are free of cost for Educational Institutions. The institutions can have unique Gmail Accounts and can cater to many individuals at a time. Google Mail is one of the best options to keep every individual related to institute under one roof.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is another amazing feature of Google. Using Google calendar within the educational academy will be like the cherry on top of the cake. Google Calendar provides many features like reminders, sharing events, plotting events and holidays. Google calendar also allows users to add their tasks for a particular date or time. Designing day to day schedule in timeslots is also possible with Google Calendars. Teachers can plot different events in their google calendar and share it with others. Reminders play an important role in managing and administrating the classroom.

Google Docs

Sharing and working on the same document file is now possible with Google Docs. Google Docs can by teachers to share notes and other important documents. School admins can use Google Docs to share important documents with staff members. The Document file can be also edited by many users in real-time. An Educational Institute can use Google Docs for various things.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the warehouse of Google for its users. Every Gmail user by default gets 15 GB space on Drive. Many documents can be uploaded and accessed easily. Heavy files can also be shared with many people through Google Drive.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is developed by Google especially for Schools and other educational institutions. Google classroom facilitates communication between teachers and students online.  The Google classroom allows teachers to create classes, post assignments, homework, organize folders. Teachers can also view students work in real-time. Teachers and Students can access Google Classroom in a comfortable place. For more details visit the link .

Google Hangout

The hangout is the chat feature offered by Google. The user can add many people to hangout chats. Students can use Google Hangouts to ask doubts and solve their queries. Google Hangout also supports video and images. Teachers can share short videos, presentation, and images using hangout chat. Hangout chat also allows creating groups. Such groups enable teachers and students to share topics of common interest.

Google Forms

Google has bought the new version of the forms. Google allows users to design the form as per the need. School admins can create different application forms for staff members. Teachers can create forms during the time of picnics and other activities. Sharing forms have now become easier with Google. Not only the form but quiz papers, feedback forms, test papers can also be designed using Google Forms.

Google Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets have proved to be a real boon for the accounts department. You can store an ample amount of data in spreadsheets. Educational Institutions can use spreadsheets to store the entire details of schools. Spreadsheets can also be used by the accounts department to maintain expenses. Co-editing is possible in real time in the spreadsheet. Different features like graphs, conditional formatting, formulas are available in the google spreadsheet. The data in the spreadsheet can be easily exported to excel.

Google Sites

Google also provides with a special application to make websites. Educational Academy can make their own websites using Google Sites. Different templates are the add-on features in the application. Google forms can be also be integrated easily. Google Sites enable schools and other educational institutes to make their own website.
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