Advantages of E-Books in Academic Institutes

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An ebook is a modern form of a book molded by technology. The book in an electronic format is an ebook. An ebook is available on smartphones, desktop, laptop or tablet. An ebook enables you to read any book on your electronic screen anywhere at any point in time.
Buying and downloading an ebook is a very simple process. It is as simple as buying another product online. Once you make the payment for your ebook, you will have to download your ebook and you are ready to proceed. Ebook has a bunch of advantages and some of them are mentioned below:
  • No trees are cut down for papers as an ebook is an electronic form of books.
  • Ebooks are easy to buy and download.
  • Ebooks at can be purchased and downloaded at any point of time.
  • Almost every book is available in ebook format.
  • The delivery of ebooks is instant, hence one does not have to wait for the delivery of an ebook.
  • It is very easy to sell and distribute ebooks.
  • Ebooks are portable. You can store many books on your laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Ebooks need less space. When using ebooks, there is no storage problem.
  • Ebooks are searchable. It means you can search for a topic or a word from the entire book.
  • Ebooks can be read anywhere while traveling by bus, car or any other vehicle.
  • Ebooks do not have shipping and packing charges.
  • Ebooks are easy to carry from one place to another and have no weight to carry in hands.
  • Ebooks will reduce students’ school bag weight.
  • Ebooks also include pictures, videos, and audio which make it interactive and easy.
  • Ebooks also provide links related to the topic.
  • The fonts of an ebook can be resized, which can be eye soothing.
  • Ebooks can also be printed.
  • Buy an ebook anytime between 24 hours of the day, every day from your place of comfort.
  • Ebooks can be accessed universally. Every student in the school can access the same book in real time.
  • Editing tools are available in ebooks. Teachers can highlight important words or a sentence and save it for further use.
  • Ebooks are shareable.
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