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Payment Gateway Process

Step 1: Fill the form Step 2: Required Documents (Please make sure the scan copy is clear, not blur) ▪️ Aadhar Card front & Back (KYC Signatory Authority) ▪️ Pan Card (KYC Signatory Authority) ▪️ Pan Card (School/Trust) ▪️ Cancel Cheque (All bank Account) ▪️ Government Affiliated certificate (School/Trust) Step 3: PAYTM DECLARATION CUM UNDERTAKING If you have more than 1 account to route fees, please mention details properly in the form Step 4: -Payment gateway requires an actual student/parent login details where fees are assigned. In case of

DLT registration

SMS DLT Registration under TRAI guidelines TRAI TCCCPR 2018 – DLT Registration Process The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has mandated all entities that want to send SMS to register their organization, headers & templates along with the required consent information on the DLT platforms, to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC). TRAI has now directed all providers like Textlocal to restrict traffic for Principal Entities and Telemarketers who have not registered themselves on DLT platforms. What is Distributed ledger technology (DLT)? To register your

Advantages of E-Books in Academic Institutes

An ebook is a modern form of a book molded by technology. The book in an electronic format is an ebook. An ebook is available on smartphones, desktop, laptop or tablet. An ebook enables you to read any book on your electronic screen anywhere at any point in time. Buying and downloading an ebook is a very simple process. It is as simple as buying another product online. Once you make the payment for your ebook, you will have to

Fast track Your School Admissions

The internet has carved the world in its own way, resulting in a huge need of transformation. The internet gives the right opportunities and exposure to all organizations. The main aim of the admission department is to ensure that school caters to most of the students in that area. The only motive of this department is to get the desired number of enrollments in the school. Few tricks

The Next Massive Things in Educational Sector

Today the globe is moving at its fastest pace and developing at every hour of the clock. Within the current state of affairs, each field is experiencing innovation and transformation. Academic sectors will observe the major revolution in the approaching years. More revolutionary changes are expected in the academic sectors. , there’s no clear vision of how the education system is going to be and what it’ll incorporate. While witnessing the developing technology,  some ambiguous assumptions

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