• Digital Textbooks
  • Add the links of the  textbooks
  • Compact and Portable Textbooks
  • View details of an individual Alumni
  • Notify via Email or SMS


Have you ever thought of school textbooks online? Having textbooks online is now possible with the help of the feature Textbook in MilGrasp. The user can add the URL of the textbook which can be accessed by a number of students at a time. Such online textbooks are compact in size and portable and can be carried from one place to another easily.

Online textbooks will also reduce the weight of the student’s school bag. Online Textbooks will not cover much of the space and storage will not be an issue. These textbooks can be stored in your electronic devices like Phone, Laptop, Desktop, Tablets, and others. MilGrasp lets you access all the textbooks at one platform.

Module Type Academic
Package Type Basic
Configurator No
Reports No
Print No
Export To Excel No
Email Yes
Push notification Yes
Mobile App Yes
Pdf No

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