Manage School

/Manage School

Manage School

  • Pillar of MilGrasp
  • Add you School details
  • Allot Classroom to a different class
  • Add different grade levels of your school
  • Make different groups within the class

Manage School

School Management is a very basic feature of MilGrasp. A school cannot use MilGrasp without School Configurator. School Configurator is the foundation for any School. School Configurator consists of School Details, Class Room, Class and Class Groups.
The user will have to add all school details like School name, email, contact number, address and site logo through School Details. School Configurator also to add classrooms in the school.
The user can also assign a class room to a particular class here. Different Groups within a class can be formed with the group name, count of students in the group and group head. School Configurator is the baby step to form an entire school on MilGrasp.

Module Type Academic
Package Type Basic
Configurator Yes
Reports No
Print No
Export To Excel Yes
Email No
Push notification No
Mobile App No
Pdf No

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