• Easy Proxy Management
  • Displays the list of Absent Teachers
  • Assigns proxy from the available Teachers
  • Print your Proxy Data
  • Export to Excel


Managing proxy is a very difficult task for the school. MilGrasp comprises of an extraordinary feature which helps to manage proxies efficiently and smoothly. The feature of proxy management is linked to the feature of Staff Attendance and Class Timetable.

MilGrasp has made the process of managing proxy much easier than before. MilGrasp uses Staff Attendance, and class timetable to bring the list of free teachers at that particular time and helps the School Admins to assign proxies easily.

When a proxy is assigned to a teacher’s a notification is also sent, so that the respective teachers know about the proxy assigned to them.

Module Type Academic
Package Type Basic
Reports No
Print Yes
Export To Excel Yes
Email N0
Push notification Yes
Mobile App Yes
Pdf No

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