Complaint Desk

/Complaint Desk

Complaint Desk

  • Complaint Configurator
  • Manage all complaints at one place
  • Change Status of the complaints
  • Assign complaints to the responsible person

Complaint Desk

The module of Complaint Desk comprises of Complaint Desk Feature and Complaint Configurator. In the Complaint Desk Configurator, the user can add complaint types, as per the requirement.

Different compliant sources can also be added using Complaint Configurator. The User can raise a complaint using the feature of Compliant Desk. The user can view his or her own complaints in My Complaints.

This feature mainly deals with the complaints raised by the users. This module also allows users to change the status of the complaints raised. All the Complaints can be transferred in the excel format and also be printed whenever required. MilGrasp lets you manage all the complaints at one place and handle them peacefully.

Module Type Non-Academic
Package Type Starter
Configurator Yes
Reports No
Print Yes
Export To Excel Yes
Email No
Push notification Yes
Mobile App Yes
Pdf No

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