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Pre School Management ERP with unique features

A complete Child Care Management System with innovative features and their benefits which are designed to make administrative tasks effortless for daycares. To automate PreSchool Education System for teachers and parents, we have build a very user-friendly interface to manage all of your administration in a more profitable and effective way right on your fingertips. Our objective is to support and increase the performance for any Preschool center on a specialized system which is habitual to the user. With the help of our pre-school management software, utilization of manpower to evaluate output in relation to the costs. Administration decision making gets process oriented and providing valuable information on their fingertips. By making day to day processes like pre-admissions, student registration, attendance & fee management, fun assignments, etc are just a click away.

Impressive Solution To the Academic Institutions


Admins can relax as they can manage every aspect of students, staff and parents anytime, anywhere! Emails, Announcements and SMS facilities equip admins & teachers to communicate instantly. The performance tracking, with reports and graph plotting, enables admin to take quick actions on improvisation. Having the institution statistics on the fingertips, be it marks, visits or data, is a real boost for the school admin.


Transparent communication from school to parents about achievements, behavior and school activities is so blissful! Quick access to week plan, worksheets, exam schedules and results help parents to be involved in their child’s progress. Updates about scheduled parents’ meeting and general school announcements, make parents feel connected with the school all the time.

A customized Admin app is designed for the Admins and staffs of the schools. MilGrasp gives real-time update of all the activities going on the school. Managing and Monitoring the school is now possible on one single platform.

The personalized mobile application is developed especially for parents and students. This developed application gives a real-time update to parents about their kids’ performance in school.

Our Uniqueness

Training to school staffs

Support System

Parents Orientation

White Labelling

“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.”-Douglas Engelbart

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