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Export Excel

  • Easy Transfer of data to Excel Sheets
  • Export data of different Features
  • Only Export the required Data

Export Excel

MilGrsap provides a unique feature of Export to Excel. The advantage of export to excel feature is that the features export entire data of a particular module to the excel sheets. Almost every feature in MilGrasp has export to excel.

Transferring data from MilGrasp to excel sheets has become very easy with the help of MilGrasp.The user can easily export huge data from Fees, Attendance, Exam, Holidays, App Users and also from other features.

The data exported to excel can be used for many different purposes, which makes the work easier and error-free.


Module Type Academic
Package Type Basic
Configurator No
Reports No
Print Not Applicable
Export To Excel Not Applicable
SMS Not Applicable
Email Not Applicable
Push notification Not Applicable
Mobile App Yes
Pdf Not Applicable

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