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Company Overview

Milearth empowers communities, and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. We promise to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school, or anywhere in their world.
Milearth stands out from other similar providers with passion, determination, enthusiasm, and quality. Our clients deserve the best services along with outstanding reliability.
We offer our experience, capabilities, good turn-times, and excellent after-sale support. We will work with our customers as a team to help solve their problems. We make an application for your organization for a fast and easy process.
We have a strong admiration for people who motivate others and make one feel gushed with positive energy. The ‘need to know’ attitude is one of the motivating force which makes me learn at least one new thing each day. In today’s world Technology is one of the things that are stressed upon and so we try to get our hand on all the latest technologies in the market.
It believes that ethical management is not only a tool for responding to the rapid changes in the global business environment but also a vehicle for building trust with its various stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and local communities. With an aim to become one of the most ethical companies In the world, Milearth continues to train its employees and operate monitoring systems, while practicing fair and transparent corporate management.


To provide the best technical solutions to the clients’ needs & backed by a complete line of value-added services.
Our vision is to take the company product to the extreme level and come up with more new products in pipelines. To come across this vision we believe in teamwork.


  • To be the premier supplier of MilGrasp, at the National and International level.
  • Commit to offering sustainability and excellence at work
  • Aim to achieve profitable growth through superior service, commitment, and constant up-gradation of technology.
  • Devote ourselves to tender excellence services with safety, security, flexibility, and innovation.
  • To Work in an environment with an ideal combination of “Planning and Execution” to meet the challenges of change and competition.
  • To promote teamwork and create a work environment that encourages talent and brings out the best in our employees.


  • Deliver the highest quality solution for our clients.
  • Establish good relations among all our partners (clients & service providers)
  • Add value to all products we supply through value-added services
  • Optimize resource utilization through efficient operation and technology
  • Increase competency through continuous learning and training
  • This client-focused commitment will lead to each business segment being the market leader in its field.


  • Honesty – within the organization and with all partners
  • Integrity – in everything we do
  • Positive approach – a ‘can do’ towards all tasks
  • Open communication – throughout the organization
  • Improve the quality of life – for the community around us


For more streamlined and effective connections with customers, the new logo was conceived on this basis. The four hands together signify the four most important elements of our business – you (our valued clients) our principals our suppliers and our people.
A synchronized operation and a professional touch create an outstanding solution. The feeling of motion signifies our commitment to continuously perform and always be alert to your changing needs.



  • To hire best-talented resources through internal and external platforms to achieve Business Goals.


  • Due to non availability of requisite expertise/talent within the Company vacancies which need to be filled up through external resources.


  • Vacancies shall be advertised through Job Portal and print media or source CVs from Job Portal.
  • Job posting shall indicate a detailed job description, location of the job, minimum experience.
  • In case the required person is not available, we may approach an outside Placement agency for recruitment.
  • The process of selection shall include an interview by the panel. The panel would comprise the Departmental / Sectional Head of the concerned area of vacancy.
  • The decision of the panel shall be binding and final.
  • Canvassing and influencing in any form shall immediately result in disqualification of the candidate.
  • Candidates should not be Family members / Friends.



  • All regular employees and contract employees


  • Recording of attendance is compulsory for which all the employees shall use the biometric systems or punching card and also to do entry in the register.


  • All employees shall be issued identification and access card
  • It is compulsory to carry the card at all times during working hours
  • In case an employee loses/broken a card, he/she shall need to inform HR and a new card shall be issued with a penalty of ₹100.
  • When an employee leaves the organization, he/she shall need to return the card to the HR Department.
  • When an employee leaves the premises during working hours for outdoor work i.e. official outdoor work, he/she shall need to fill up the outdoor duty form duly approved by Dept. Head and record out punch attendance.
  • When an employee entering the premises starts the day / after completing outdoor work, he
    / she shall need to record In Punch attendance.



  • To ensure smooth and continuous operation of the office by the availability of optimum manpower in Operations and Support Services
  • All regular employees and contract employees.


Office Timing Half day starts Early Leave Late Mark starts
10:30am to 7pm After 45 mins Before 45 mins 10:31

LUNCH TIME: 13.00pm TO 13:30pm / as allotted

Rules :

  1. Late Marks starts from 10:31 am
  2. Only 2 late marks are allowed.
  3. 2 late marks/ 2 early leaves/ 1 late + 1 early leave (after any combination) = 1 half day penalty.
  4. Half-day will start after the 45 mins of office timings.
  5. An employee can take early leave before 45 mins of logout time.
  6. Same day informing leave or half-day is not allowed (it will cause double penalty)
  7. Prefix & suffix leave is not allowed at the same time.
  8. One day sick leave will cause Dr. Prescription

*Forms have to fill if you are not following rules Late, Early leave, Half Day, Biometric mis punch.

Half Day, Leave, Late, Early leave, Outdoor form link


  • To assist company employees in their business dealing with external agencies.


  • All regular employees and contract employees


All employees in grade 3A and above shall be provided a minimum of 100 cards per annum bearing the individual’s name

  • Employees in grade 3B and below can use plain cards bearing Company’s Logo, Company Name & address. Such plain paper cards shall be available with the HODs.
  • The cards may also be issued to employees who are not otherwise eligible, but directly deal with the customers & other outside agencies.


    • All regular employees, contract employees & temporary employees.


      • All employees shall be provided with a minimum zero balance bank account.
      • All salary cheques shall be deposited directly into individual accounts.
      • The company shall have tie-up with the bank to facilitate the process.
      • The company shall not be responsible for the transactions between employees and the bank directly.



Code of Conduct is compulsory and binding on all employees

Non-observation or breach of code of conduct shall make the employee liable for disciplinary action leading to the imposition of major/minor penalty or with adverse impact on their career including termination/dismissal.

  • The salient features of CODE OF CONDUCT applicable to the employees are as under :
  • All the employees shall follow company rules and regulations framed from time to time.
  • All the employees shall display complete loyalty to the Company
  • All employees shall follow job instructions given to them by their superiors and achieve their mutually agreed targets
  • All the employees shall strictly observe the working hours prescribed.
  • All the employees shall be expected to observe strict moral and ethical standards in their work and personal life.
  • The employees shall not criticize the company and the company policies at any point of time within or outside the Company. If they have any suggestions, they shall be welcome to route it through the proper channel.
  • All the employees shall be expected to follow the organization hierarchy in accepting orders and giving instructions for work. Refusal to obey the instructions of the superior shall be a serious case of misconduct.
  • All the employees shall work in such a way as to ensure complete personal integrity.
  • All the employees shall be expected to protect Company property and keep the company information confidential wherever required.
  • No employees shall accept any part-time or full-time paid job outside the organization. If they desire to take some exceptional assignments outside, it shall be accepted only with the approval of the appropriate authority.
  • No employee shall publish or cause to be published an article written by him on any matter relating to the company in any local or overseas newspaper, journal or other publication without the written permission of the Management.
  • Such permission shall not be necessary for publication or articles which has no bearing on the affairs of the Company and which do not directly or indirectly affect the Company and for which no remuneration is given.
  • No physical fights, Abusive language, No provoke or any kind of mis-behavior has to be done inside or outside office premises.
  • Respect all Caste and Religion.


  • All employees must be treated with respect, dignity and courtesy.
  • There shall be no discrimination or harassment against any person on the grounds of race, color, religion, national origin disability, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation or citizenship.
  • The Company shall be committed to providing and maintaining an open, positive work environment, which is free from any discrimination or harassment.
  • Any discriminatory action against full time employees, contractual employees, clients or vendors shall be met with disciplinary action.
  • Every complaint shall be promptly and thoroughly investigated and confidentiality will be maintained as far as the situation would permit. Furthermore, the Company does not retaliate against any employee for bringing questionable circumstances to attention.

Dating Policy

  1. During working time and in working areas, employees are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate workplace manner that does not interfere with others or with overall productivity.
  2. During non-working time, such as lunch, breaks, and before and after work periods, employees engaging in personal exchanges in non-work areas should observe an appropriate workplace manner to avoid offending other workers or putting others in an uncomfortable position.
  3. Employees are strictly prohibited from engaging in physical contact that would in any way be deemed inappropriate by a reasonable person while anywhere on company premises, whether during working hours or not.
  4. Employees who allow personal relationships with co-workers to adversely affect the work environment will be subject to the appropriate provisions of Company’s disciplinary policy, including counseling for minor problems. Failure to change behavior and maintain expected work responsibilities is viewed as a serious disciplinary matter and may lead to termination.
  5. Employee off-duty conduct is generally regarded as private, as long as such conduct does not create problems within the workplace. An exception to this principle, however, is romantic or sexual relationships.
  6. Any supervisor, manager, executive or other company official with the Company must disclose the existence of a romantic or sexual relationship with another co-worker. Disclosure may be made to the immediate supervisor or the manager. This disclosure will enable the company to determine whether any conflict of interest exists because of the relative positions of the individuals involved.
  7. With regard to Paragraph 6, when a conflict-of-interest problem or potential risk is identified, the Company will work with the parties involved to consider options for resolving the problem. The initial solution may be to make sure the parties no longer work together on matters where one is able to influence the other or take action for the other. Matters such as hiring, firing, promotions, performance management, compensation decisions and financial transactions are examples of situations that may require reallocation of duties to avoid any actual or perceived reward or disadvantage. In some cases, other measures may be necessary, such as transfer to other positions or departments.
  8. With regard to Paragraph 6, if one or both parties refuse to accept a reasonable solution or to offer of alternative position, if available, such refusal will be deemed a voluntary resignation.
  9. Failure to cooperate with the Company to resolve a conflict or problem caused by a romantic or sexual relationship between co-workers or among managers, supervisors or others in positions of authority over another employee in a mutually agreeable fashion may be deemed insubordination and cause for immediate termination. The disciplinary policy of the Company will be followed to ensure fairness and consistency before any such extreme measures are undertaken.
  10. The provisions of this policy apply regardless of the sexual orientation of the parties involved.
  11. Where doubts exist as to the specific meaning of the terms used above, employees should make judgments on the basis of the overall spirit and intent of this policy.
  12. Any concerns about the administration of this policy should be addressed to the Management.



To overcome any potential policy hazards, possible breaches of confidentiality and security of proprietary information when using information technological tools


The policy shall SCOPE include the usage of all PCs, Laptops, shared network services proprietary software, and all related technology that can access or be accessed through them. In addition to the above, all other devices or software shall be included.


All New employees/staff in Grade 3A and above shall be given workstations equipped with the necessary software/hardware as per the need of the job.

Employees are expected not to use the company’s technology for personal financial gain or profit.

Additional software/hardware can be requested and shall be allocated once the relevant authorities / VP (HR & ADMIN.) approves the need.

Carrying information in printed or soft copy shall be prohibited without prior sanction from the superior. No information shall be copied illegally by any employees.

Employees shall be held responsible for inappropriate use of information accessible to them. All passwords must be kept confidential and computers should be locked / logged out from while away from them. No employees are allowed to use any official email in their personal System.

No Music, Social media, personal emails etc shall be accessed with permission.

No software shall be installed on the computers by any employees. All software required for business purposes shall be installed and upgraded by the information Technology Department.

Using technology for entertainment is prohibited.The company shall have the right to monitor any and all aspects of its technology.

Employees shall be required to read and follow the Technology updates sent from time to time. These include tips for effective use of technology, information security, new technology and upgrades.

Technology is linked; hence inappropriate use of one technology can cause unintended consequences in another. An employee shall always consider the availability of resources for other, as well as the overall operational efficiency of the technology system.

All personal greetings, display or messages on any technology shall be formal and professional.All questions on this policy may be directed to the IT Department.

A breach of any of the above guidelines / not following the policy guidelines shall lead to strict disciplinary action against the concerned employee. Data (available in Server) will be stored as back-up on a daily basis.


Employees must maintain company’s professional image and reputation in their use of the PCs and Laptops.

They may store only work related programs or information on their PC, Laptop, or the server.

They must at all times be conscious that the hardware is networked and others may review files stored on their computer.

Employees will be held responsible for the data stored on their machines, its security & use.

Employees are expected to strictly comply and must never share the hardware (PC or laptop) with friends or family members.

Employees shall not install unauthorized hardware devices or software on the machines that they have been assigned.

The Company reserves the right to replace, remove or recall hardware at any time.

Employees are expected to switch off the power of their PC or Laptop while leaving the premises daily.
Employees leaving the company have to return the assigned PCs or Laptops.


Certain employees may be provided with access to the internet to assist them in performing their assigned tasks.

Use of the internet shall be tempered with common sense and good judgment.

The company advises discretion in the material viewed or downloaded by the users from the internet.

Sending mass mails or chain letters, playing games, engaging in online chat groups, printing multiple copies of documents or otherwise creating unnecessary network traffic etc. is not permitted.

Employee shall not have an expectation of privacy in anything they create, store, send or receive on the computer systems

Since audio, video and picture files requires significant storage space, files of this or any other sort shall not be downloaded unless they are business related.


The company shall own all software and make it available to employees according to need, under the terms of licensing agreement between the company and individual software vendors.

Any new software addition / deletion / editing / executing shall be done exclusively by the IT department. Employees shall not use CD / ROM to alter the existing software. Violation of the same shall be viewed as an offence and will be liable for disciplinary action.

If an employee leaves the company, any company-owned software in his or her possession must be returned.

To use resources wisely, employees are expected to learn what existing software can do.

The company reserves the right to revoke access to software applications or remove, delete or destroy any non-approved software on systems at any time.

Work Culture

  • Milearth Softech is a work-oriented organization that believes that every employee of Milearth should have a productive day.
  • For internal communication and target planning, employees use Jira, Hangout, Google sheets & Google calendar.
  • Developers receive emails for bugs and everyone has to check their mail every day before starting the day at work.
  • Share the Agenda before the day starts and share the report of work done at the end of the day.
  • Monthly, Weekly & Daily goals should get follow
  • There would be a 3-time briefing on board or on Zoom ( Morning, After lunch & Tea break) measure the task in % and update the board with a deadline.
  • Browsers should be logged in with the assigned email I’D.
    Employees have to call a concerned person for any kind of leave or late marks.
  • If leaves are taken uninformed or same day informing will cause to penalty :
    Half-day informed on the same day – Will be considered full day leave
  • Any kind of misbehavior/abusive language/disobeying any rules made by the management will be given 3 warnings followed by a penalty decided by management.
  • Every day your behavior and work will be observed by your department head and it may get discussed in meetings and R & D discussion.
  • Employees have to come with the innovative scope and it should get discussed with the department head.
  • All the queries should come in the channel of the Team leader, Department head, HR, CEO



To provide guidelines for permission leaves per annum, only for permanent employees.
For Probationers, Interns, Part-time 3 days leave.

Rules of Leaves :

  1. The employee has to inform prior for any type of leaves
  2. Inform to whom you are Reporting, Hr and Director.
  3. From one department only one employee can take a leave at a time.
  4. From the overall staff maximum 4 members can take if in urgency.
  5. Employees have to make recovery tasks scheduled for the leave.
  6. If prior permission of any leave is not taken, then the employee would not be eligible for leave benefits.
  7. Unplanned leaves (without prior information) more than 3 will be receiving warning letters.
  8. Leaves cannot take Prefix and Suffix at the same time, if the employee is taking then it will be considered as your 3 days leave. Weekly off will count under leave. Example: (Saturday(Prefix) + Sunday(week off) + Monday(Suffix)) . Not allowed
  9. Employees can take either Prefix leave or Suffix leave with weekly off.

Leave Availment

Sick Leave (SL) = 6 leaves
Casual Leave (CL) = 6 leaves
Privilege/Earned Leave (PL) = 12 leaves
National/Festival Holidays = 7 Holiday
Weekly off = All Sundays

Casual Leave

  • 6 day leave for every Financial year
  • Employees on probation period shall not be granted Casual Leave
  • Casual Leave cannot be accumulated.
  • Casual Leave cannot be prefixed and/or suffixed with any kind of leave.
  • Unavailable Casual Leave shall be forfeited.
  • Employees can avail Casual Leave for ½ day or Full day (Morning / Afternoon)
  • Every Leave should be sanctioned in advance.
  • Every Leave should get it sanctioned within two days after availment.

Sick Leave

  • 6 day leave for every Financial year
  • Employees on probation period shall not be granted Sick Leave
  • More than 1 days continues, a Medical Fitness Certificate is required from the Doctor.
  • Sick Leave cannot be accumulated.
  • Sick Leave cannot be prefixed and/or suffixed with any kind of leave.
  • Unavailed Sick Leave shall be forfeited.
  • Employees can avail Sick Leave for ½ day or Full day (Morning / Afternoon)
  • Every Leave should be sanctioned.
  • Every Leave should get it sanctioned within two days after availment.

Privilege leave

  • 12 days privilege leave for every Financial year
  • The employees who have worked for 155 days or more (excluding leave/holidays declared by the Company) in a Financial Year will be entitled for leave
  • Every Leave should be sanctioned 7 days in advance.
  • At the beginning of the financial year (i.e. 1st April) leave earned by the employees in the previous year shall be credited to their account.
  • The Privilege Leave should be consumed during the year as per leave consumption guideline.
  • While calculating the leave, the fraction of leave of half a day or more shall be treated as one full day’s leave and a fraction of less than half-day shall be omitted
  • On separation/superannuation/death, the unavailed leave shall be encashed.

Maternity leave

  • It covers only married female employees who have completed 180 days continuous service on the date of availing the leave restricted to two children.
  • Maternity Leave maximumly admissible shall be 12 weeks (84 days) with full pay, six weeks before and six weeks after delivery or in any other proportions.

Paternity Leave

  • Eligibility for Leave
    2 days leave can be sanctioned.
    Leave can be allowed upto two children.
    Leave can be allowed within two days from the date of delivery


  • Employees can apply on the day of delivery or next day to the Department Head
  • Department Head can sanction such leave with due verification and forward to HR Department for record.
  • Leave cannot be carried forward or clubbed or en-cashed.

Recovery of the Leaves

Sick leaves and casual leaves can be recovered coming on Sunday or holidays.
There won’t be Overtime for recovering the leaves.
PL, CL and SL cannot be combined, every leaves has their own criteria and employees have to follow them as per the rules.
Sick leaves can be informed Prior or Post
Casual Leaves are mandatory and have to be informed Prior or else it won’t be considered.
Privilege Leave/Earned Leave employees have to inform the minimum one week prior.



To provide the infrastructure required for employees to deliver the desired output.


All employees shall be provided with an appropriate seating space.

Landline Facility – please refer to Telecom Policy

Computer Software & Hardware Facility – please refer to Information Technology Usage Policy



To induce homogeneity and evolve a sense of belonging among the Employees for the Company.


Formal Dress on all Monday to Thursday.
Girls no sleeves less/cold sleeves etc.
No toned jeans are allowed.
Decent casual Dressing on Friday & Saturday only i.e. Jeans, T Shirts etc.



Employees are strictly discouraged from consuming /using/encouraging the consumption or use or habit-forming substances like drugs that affect their overall ability to think & work

Excessive consumption of nicotine & alcohol shall also be viewed similarly.

Any employees involved in the unlawful use, sale, dispensing, or possession of controlled substances, illicit drugs, and alcohol on organization premises or work sites or working under the influence of such substances, shall be subject to disciplinary action.

If required, employees may be required to present themselves for a drug/substance test. They will be required to cooperate with the authorities. Testing positive or above permissible levels as the case may be liable to attract punishment up to and including termination.

Drugs and alcohol tests shall be administered under the following conditions

When an employee shows signs of impairment on the job

On receipt of any complaints from colleagues

After any accident or occurrence that results in an injury on the job



To provide for any upgradation in the personal record of the Employee.


This policy shall be applicable to all regular employees and contract employees at all locations.


A form through e-mail shall be sent by the concerned employee to the VP (HR & Admin.) through the Head of Department for any upgradation in the personal records of the employee. All upgradation must be supported by valid documents. A return mail confirming the upgradation would be sent by the HR.
(i.e..upgradation in change of address, telephone number, marital status, dependent details, etc.)



An employee who wishes to resign from the company is required to give  notice period as discussed on an agreement.

The resignation would be accepted after the financial liability of the employee is cleared.


The employee who has submitted his/her resignation shall attend the exit interview to share his/her opinion and views on the Company’s policies, procedures, systems, and practices for improvement in these areas, and an exit interview is arranged and conducted by HR Department.



  • No leaves/half day are allowed in the notice period
  • An employee has to serve a notice period as mentioned in the agreement.
  • If any leave or half day is taken during notice period there would be a double penalty.

Eg: 1 half-day leave = 1 full day leave penalty / extend your notice period without pay
1 full day leave = 2 days leave penalty / extend your notice period without pay


No of Days Notice Period Penalty as per your (CTC)


No of Days Notice Period
Penalty to pay
60 Days No Penalty
45 Days 15 days Salary
30 Days 30 days salary
15 Days 45 days salary
0 Days 60 Days salary


As decided by the management.



To assist an employee in making business-related calls


This policy shall be applicable to all regular employees and contract employees.


Personal Cell phones are not allowed.

All employees shall be provided with a direct landline as per the need.

The direct landline can be used for internal calling, work-related calling, and only residential calling.


All employees are advised in their own interest and in the interest of the reputation of the Company not to bring any contraband into/out of the country or violate in any way of the foreign exchange/customs regulations or any other laws of the land relating to foreign travel foreign exchange.


All employees who are going abroad for official duty shall submit tour report to Director. Apart from this, they shall mark copies to relevant persons who are supposed to take action.
Accounts Department shall maintain a master copy of all tour reports.


Your employment with the Company is subject to Indian laws. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Civil Court Mumbai only.


The policy manual supersedes all previous policies.

Employees shall strictly follow the policies laid down by the Company.

The policies will become effective from the date of joining Milearth Softech (Joining Date) unless specified otherwise in the respective policy.

If any provision of any policy is at variance with any applicable statutory provision currently in force or as may become applicable subsequently, it will override the organization policy to the extent that it is more beneficial to the employees. It will also be deemed to have sustained the policy to such extent. The VP (HR & ADMIN) will resolve any clarification.

The Company shall be entitled to make policy declarations from time to time pertaining to matters like leave entitlement, maternity leave, employees’ benefits, working hours, transfer policies, etc., and may alter the same from time to time at its sole discretion. All such policy decisions of the Company shall be binding on you and shall override this Agreement to that extent.

I hereby, agree with all the terms and conditions mentioned by the management in this HR Policy, management can revoke or change any of these terms and conditions any time.

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