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Client's Data is Our Priority

Data protection

All data stored in MilGrasp App are encrypted with SSL securities. Time to time new enhancements will be added/ updated to strengthen the data security even further. The client’s information is totally secure & safe.

Data recovery

Milearth Softech recommends the client to take periodic backup of data at their end. It can also be stored on the cloud server automatically after a for a specific period of time. Milgrasp takes five backups daily.                                   

Security Access

Access to MilGrasp App instance is secured by unique ID & password for each user type on the web as well as on mobile app. Individuals like director, admin, teacher, parent or student can only access the account(s) related to them.

Clients Information

Take off your worries, your data is safe with us. All data is owned by the customers is to be strictly held as confidential. Milearth Softech will not take direct or indirect benefits from customer’s data on the server.                       

“At the bottom, the elimination of spyware and the preservation of privacy for the consumer are critical goals if the Internet is to remain safe and reliable and credible.”-Cliff Stearns



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