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It’s a cloud-based ERP and hence it will be charged for total tenure including all types of holidays. We can’t keep
the server on hold once it has started. For Example, if we want to save the cost and turn off the server during vacation it will
result into turning off the server instance permanently and all data stored in your server will be gone and billing will be
done again to start. Hence it will be a charge for entire tenure including all holidays.

When we reserve the cloud server instance for 60 Months we get discount and hence we pass it on. When we reserve
cloud server instance for 12 Months we barely get any discounts. If you reserved Instance for Longer Duration Yearly
increment rate of 15% will be avoided. If you pay for 12 Months package for 5 Years you will end up spending
101.15% More money at the end of 5 Years as every year 15% hike on cloud server instance will lead to spending
more money.
We use Amazon Web Services and our billing is done with the Provider in $. As per our company policy, we bare the
forex currency exchange (USD to INR Conversion ) difference up to +5% and post that we may apply rates up
gradation difference as additional Invoice.

It’s a Cloud-based Software as a service and resources on storage, bandwidth and maintenance are being utilized
continuously. All Server Provider has to utilize above all with High-Speed Internet connectivity & Electricity to the
cloud-based server (on a physical Location 24×7). For Eg. Mobile Network Services, Internet Services, & Electricity
Services are provided on different parameters like duration, consumption & use cases.
Certain Paid Licensed software is being used to provide the services which has to be renewed periodically and
hence it can not be one time charges. On top of it we also strive to provide constant support and up-gradation in all
software module with latest industry standards. To Provide such a service we spend resources continuously. Hence
like all Cloud-based Software as Service, the billing will be done periodically as per the package and other
parameters that may applicable

MilGrasp is hosted with Amazon Web Services. Billing Parameters of AWS are dependent on Static and Dynamic
Parameters. Static Parameter for billing includes services like Type of server Instance, it’s Configuration, Server
Instance Uptime Hours (24×7), Route53, Data Base Server, Bastion Server, SSL Certificate, Database Mirroring Service,
etc. Dynamic parameters like S3 Bucket for Storage, Load Balancer, Auto Scaling, and most important Data
Storage & Server Bandwidth consumed by the users.
Dynamic parameter is calculated by server architects in terms of possible usage. Hence the more users more
bandwidth, storage consumption and autoscaling, load balancer services are used frequently. Hence billing is
considered in terms of the number of users. Further to not make it complicated we make the billing on the number of
students. (Which is calculated from a ratio for Eg. 1 student = 1 Student User, Father User, Mother User. And staff
members are usually in the ratio of the total number of students.

All user’s data stored on the cloud server hosted on Amazon Web Services infrastructure which puts strong safeguards
in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. AWS manages
dozens of compliance programs in its infrastructure.
We are using Private Server with top notch level security and data flow prevents users to access unauthorized files.
Entering into the back end of the server requires a special encrypted key. One Login at a time feature restricts multiple usage
of single user credentials.

In case of White Labelling demand, royalty charges will be applicable at the rate of 2.25/student/month. School
premises will have a board indicating MilGrasp as “Digital School Partner”. Software Design credit will always remain
on the name of the product and the company as “© Milgrasp 2016, An Initiative by

MilGrasp Quick Response Team will be available during all working Week days in between 10:30Hrs to 18:00Hrs.
(Excluding Government Holidays)

“A lot of companies have chosen to down size, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets.”

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